Audrey Dulmes - Oils
Geranium with Purple - 12x12 oil

Lavender Farmhouse - 18x18
Muddy Stream Meets Sun - 16x16 oil
Napa Valley Road - 16x16 oil
Yellow House Purple Sky - 18x18 oil
Sunlit Geranium - 20x22 oil
After the rains - 18x18 oil
Geranium with Purple - 12x12 oil
Beautiful Fields of Wisconsin - 16x16 oil
Lone Farmhouse - 9x11 oil
Buckets of Calla Lillies - 12x12 oil
Dancing Tulips
Dulmes-Vineyard in the Vaucluse
Washington Avenue Walk
Behind the Anvil Pub
Orchard Morning
Sunflowers in Blue Vase
Morning in the Orchard
Leaving Le Barroux - 18x18 oil
Audrey Dulmes Art
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